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Hi, I’m Vince Madai


Public Speaking

I am a senior medical AI researcher at Charité with an M.D., a Ph.D. in Medical Neuroscience, and an M.A. in Medical Ethics.
My research focuses on the development and translation of AI in healthcare for the clinical setting: 1) practical open-access medical AI-research, 2) AI-ethics (xAI, bias, reproducibility), and 3) AI in healthcare product development.
I am also the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at ai4medicine, a company focused on medical AI data analytics and personalized mobile medical AI solutions.
I have been the scientific lead of the “Charité Lab for Artificial Intelligence – CLAIM” research group at Charité as well as the Prediction2020 project and the PRECISE4Q project since 2017. Moreover, I am an associate editor of the interdisciplinary Delphi Journal and the main organizer of the “Machine Learning in Healthcare” meetup in Berlin since November 2017. I am an accomplished public speaker covering the main topics of AI in healthcare, AI ethics, AI bias, and related topics such as brain-computer interfaces.