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About me

I am a senior healthcare AI researcher at Charité Berlin and a visiting Professor of Medical Informatics at Birmingham City University. I hold an M.D., a Ph.D. in Medical Neuroscience, and an M.A. in Medical Ethics.
My research focuses on the translation of AI, predominantly in the areas of healthcare and neuroscience: 1) practical healthcare AI-research, 2) AI-ethics (e.g. xAI, bias, reproducibility), and 3) AI in healthcare product development.
I am also the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at ai4medicine, a company focused on medical AI data analytics and personalized mobile medical AI solutions. I am also the main organizer of the “Machine Learning in Healthcare” meetup in Berlin since 2018.
In my keynotes, I cover a broad spectrum of topics from the areas of AI in healthcare and AI ethics, and I always connect them to neuroscience where appropriate.

44professional talks
12years professional experience
43scientific publications

Polymath knowledge

Healthcare professional

12 years of experience in the healthcare sector

Machine learning AI

Expert knowledge of machine learning AI in healthcare

AI Ethics expert

Specialised on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Business experience

former startup co-founder, CSO of a data analytics business

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