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About me

I am a senior medical AI researcher at Charité University Hospital Berlin with an M.D., a Ph.D. in Medical Neuroscience and an M.A. in Medical Ethics, and I am also CSO at ai4medicine. Additionally, I have finished a Udacity Nanodegree in data science and analysis. My focus includes AI-research, AI-ethics, data science, neuroimage post-processing and clinical research. I have been the scientific lead of the “Charité Lab for Artificial Intelligence – CLAIM” research group at Charité as well as the Prediction2020 project and the PRECISE4Q project since 2017. I have special expertise in the ethics of AI, especially bias and upcoming regulations for AI products. Moreover, I am an associate editor of the interdisciplinary Delphi Journal and the main organizer of the “Machine Learning in Healthcare” meetup in Berlin since November 2017.

36professional talks
11years professional experience
30scientific publications

Polymath knowledge

Healthcare professional

11 years of experience in the healthcare sector

Machine learning AI

Expert knowledge of application of machine learning AI in healthcare

AI Ethics expert

Specialised on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Business experience

Startup co-founder doing business oriented research

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